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Oceana manhole cover mold, customizable

Manhole cover mould is mainly used in the manufacture of manhole covers, plastic covers mould manufactured covers is mainly used to put on the side of the road, so we can have the effect of a boundary. Make people and vehicles when driving can be more convenient, and some need green zone covers mould will also use the cover, so that we can very good protection afforestation and the number of lawn, etc., to prevent the people trampled on, and the other type of open mold such as mold, the mold cleaning can not only make mold used more for a long time, but also can guarantee the quality problem of the manhole cover in the manufacturing

Features of manhole cover die:

1, easy to make: just put the steel fiber and concrete into the plastic mold, vibration molding, demoulding cycle is short, small investment, labor intensity


2, high compressive strength: the heavy cover can pass through the trailer 80 tons, and the junction is flat, no damage, no skid, no turning, no noise.

3, beautiful and generous: the use of injection mold, concrete products seat cover smooth, lightweight.

4, according to different customers: municipal, postal, telecommunications, electric power and other special micro labels, but also for the production enterprises to make factory name and telephone.

5. Low production cost and easy procurement of raw materials.

construction equipment sale
construction equipment sale
construction equipment sale