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  • Pipe Cage Welding Machine
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  • Other machine for spun pole/pile plant
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  • Concrete Mixer and Mixing Plant
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construction machinery equipment
straight line wire drawing machine


straight line wire drawing machine 

LZ10/250 . LZ12/350. LZ11/400. LZ11/400. LZ6/560. LZ6/600. LZ10/700. LZ 9/800. LZ9/1200 

Drum's diameter250350400560(600)700800(900)1200
Drawing times101211610(High carbon wire)9(High carbon wire)9(High carbon wire)
Max.wire inlet
Min.wire outlet0.
Finished wire speed30302012.512107.5

Motor power

Variable frequency motor or direct drive motor








Pulling up style Pay-off Stand

for Inlet wire coil input covers a small area. The air cylinder telescopic mode is adopted to adjust the height of the upper
drawing type pay off frame of the pay off arm, which is convenient for threading. And the wire is not easy to be disordered. And
it is equipped with the safety of disordered lines Stop switch

Closed non powered shelling machine

for wire 5.5-8mm The machine uses 5 peeling wheels to mechanically peel the wire in different directions, so that the oxide skin
on the wire surface is completely peeled off, and the oxide skin is collected in the box, which will not cause environmental

QMSB-560 Elephant nose shape wire take-up machine

1)   Motor: 22Kw Variable Frequency
2)   Inverter , HuiChuan Brand
3)   9 wheel V shap two direction straighter
4)   take up drum 560mm,
      coated HRC62
5)   about 500KG per coil
6)   height of the coiler: 980mm
7)   it can be controlled together with drawing machine also can
      stop and start seperately

UN-10 Butt welding machine

1)max. Diameter: 8.0mm
2) min. Diameter: 2.0mm
3) Rated Capacity: 10mm

ZE-96 Rolling machine

1)Rolling Diameter: 96mm
2)max. rolling wire: 8.0mm
3)   Min. Rolling wire: 2.0mm
4)   motor: 3kw

small pack coiler

small pack coiler with cylinder

construction equipment sale
construction equipment sale
construction equipment sale