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XZ series Vertical vibration Pipe machine

Working Principle:

Vertical Vibration Casting pipe making Machine is one of the most advanced Concrete pipes making technology in the world at present, which integrate the technology of Mechanical, electric, Hydraulic, and the Automatics. This machine is easy to operate, much higher efficiency, and full-automatic. It can be used to produce the concrete pipe from DN600-3600mm, length 2-3 meter, and range from water drainage concrete pipe, Steel collar Jacking pipes, Box culverts, and the lined PVC or HDPE cement pipes and Manholes.

The most important part of is the Vibrating Rod in the center of inner mould; the vibrator will produce high frequency exciting force while rotates at the fast speed, the exciting force will pass through to the inner mould, then to the vibrating transmission Spring, then to the outer mould. The concrete will become solid and density under the high strength vibration force, and form Quality pipe.



1. Adopting the High Frequency Inner Vibrating, the concrete will become solid and density more evenly and more thoroughly. The pipe will be better in structure and stable in quality;

2. Using the half-dry cast concrete, the inner mould and Outer mould will be released instantly, so each diameter pipe just needs one set of moulds, which saves a lot of moulds investment, also saves a lot of time for workers assembling and disassembling the moulds, also improves the production efficiency. After releasing, the pipe could be curing by itself with the cement heat hydration, no need the steam curing, which also lowers the steam curing cost;

3. Wide range of production, this machine is capable to make not only water drainage concrete pipe, Steel collar Jacking pipes, but also Box culverts, Lined HDPE pipes and Manholes.

4. Variable Frequency motor, Inverter, Touch Screen and PLC, also the hydraulic technology are used in our machine. Top Quality and best price. 


Technical Details:





Pipe Diameter




Pipe Length

2-3 m

2-3 m

2-3 m





Feeding method

 360°Rotary concrete   mixture feeding conveyor

Motor Power

VF 55 KW

VF-70 KW

VF-118 KW

Vibrator Speed

0-4200 r/min (Variable   Control)

Output 8 hrs/day of Twin Position

24-60 pipes

16-40 pipes

12-30 pipes


5. Equipment List of the Twin Position Vibration Casting Pipe making machine

construction equipment sale
construction equipment sale
construction equipment sale